Man beaten up for using the word ‘nigger’.

10 02 2010

Last week, Tyson Clark, a young Negro from Canada has stated, in court that he ‘went too far’, when he brutally beat a white man up for calling him and his girlfriend ‘niggers’.

Clark, 22, pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated assault and was sentenced to two years in custody.

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a typical example of the blacks and how they believe they are above the law.

“It’s an assaultive word,” said defence lawyer Darren Sawchuk of the racial slur.

So it’s unacceptable and even ‘assaultive’ when a Negro is called a ‘nigger’, or a Mexican a ‘Spic’, or a Jew a ‘Kike’ or ‘Yid’, but yet when a white is called ‘Peckerwood’, ‘Honky’, ‘Cracker’, ‘Hick’, or whatever, it is absolutely acceptable?

This is a perfect example of Jewish double standards and after coming across this news item I thought it’d be a brilliant way to show them for what they really are and what they really preach.

The words of this most likely Jewish lawyer are just asinine rhetoric which should hold no value in a court of what’s supposed to be CHRISTIAN law.

I don’t actually stand against the idea that one should be able to claim damages based on emotional bullying as opposed to Physical bullying – the only thing I stand against is that if this were a white who was a victim of racism, he’d have to grow thicker skin.

If we whites can put up with it and grow thicker skin when we are insulted in a racist way then surely blacks can do the same too – of course they can, they just pretend they can’t so that they’ve got a vindication for their disgraceful actions.

The problem with whites today is that we feel guilt and remorse much more than any other race on Earth – therefore when a poor, teary, weedy, homeless black comes up to us and begs us for somewhere to stay we feel responsible and accept them.

Then later on these same blacks go on to stab us in the back.

If only we were stronger as a people, then maybe, just maybe we wouldn’t be facing extinction right now.


Plane leaves Holland to fetch Haitians for adoption

9 02 2010

And as if Holland didn’t have enough Negro [Muslims] preaching death on the natives (those evil ‘Kaffirs’.)

Today I heard some positively detestable news that got me more pissed off than I have been in a long while.

“Plane chartered by the Netherlands and two adoption agencies flew out to quake-hit Haiti Monday to fetch around 100 Haitian children being adopted by Dutch Families”

Let’s imagine that ‘Dutch Family’ shall we… They’re probably sitting with their woolly knitted jumpers right now by the fire watching the TV in what’s about to become an Islamic Republic.

They’re one of those sorts of smug, up-their-own-ass type families who look around attentively before they enter Church on a Sunday to make sure everybody can see them going into what they perceive as the ‘house of God’.

One of those types of families who believe it is their duty to bring up their children valuing success over true spiritual enlightenment.

One of those types of families who drive twenty KM/H under the limit to make sure they NEVER get in trouble with the law, too dozy to realize the obvious exasperation this causes to all intelligent drivers.

I’m going off-topic now but you get the picture; they are scum of the most typical type who only want a black baby so they can look good in front of their fellow stuck-up book club members.

They probably only stole the baby from his true parents because they seen some celebrity with a black baby baring him as a fashion item… Madonna, or Lady Gaga, or what-the-fuck-ever.

These people are ruining our race and not just because they see some value in the idea of parenthood; they are degrading our race as a fucking fad.

It doesn’t make you a racist to be rightfully enraged by these actions… It is disgusting and not only unfair on our race but unfair on the poor [black] child.

Don’t these scumbags see that it’s not sustainable to keep on bringing more and more Negroes into the world as a fashion item? They are fucking scum and people who devalue our race in return for social acceptance are the lowest forms of humanity.

We’d better stop this foolishness right now or within a few years we’ll look like the Hispanics!