Plane leaves Holland to fetch Haitians for adoption

9 02 2010

And as if Holland didn’t have enough Negro [Muslims] preaching death on the natives (those evil ‘Kaffirs’.)

Today I heard some positively detestable news that got me more pissed off than I have been in a long while.

“Plane chartered by the Netherlands and two adoption agencies flew out to quake-hit Haiti Monday to fetch around 100 Haitian children being adopted by Dutch Families”

Let’s imagine that ‘Dutch Family’ shall we… They’re probably sitting with their woolly knitted jumpers right now by the fire watching the TV in what’s about to become an Islamic Republic.

They’re one of those sorts of smug, up-their-own-ass type families who look around attentively before they enter Church on a Sunday to make sure everybody can see them going into what they perceive as the ‘house of God’.

One of those types of families who believe it is their duty to bring up their children valuing success over true spiritual enlightenment.

One of those types of families who drive twenty KM/H under the limit to make sure they NEVER get in trouble with the law, too dozy to realize the obvious exasperation this causes to all intelligent drivers.

I’m going off-topic now but you get the picture; they are scum of the most typical type who only want a black baby so they can look good in front of their fellow stuck-up book club members.

They probably only stole the baby from his true parents because they seen some celebrity with a black baby baring him as a fashion item… Madonna, or Lady Gaga, or what-the-fuck-ever.

These people are ruining our race and not just because they see some value in the idea of parenthood; they are degrading our race as a fucking fad.

It doesn’t make you a racist to be rightfully enraged by these actions… It is disgusting and not only unfair on our race but unfair on the poor [black] child.

Don’t these scumbags see that it’s not sustainable to keep on bringing more and more Negroes into the world as a fashion item? They are fucking scum and people who devalue our race in return for social acceptance are the lowest forms of humanity.

We’d better stop this foolishness right now or within a few years we’ll look like the Hispanics!


Haitian aid? Anyone?

7 02 2010

It seems the despotic Zionistic tyrants of the Rothschild type have once again spat in the face of the white man with their abrupt unconditional rush to save a couple of Gorillas on an undeveloped marshland known as Haiti.

Oh no I’ve done it again with my “Gorillas” rhetoric haven’t I? Maybe I was too harsh? Alright so let’s be all Al Gore about it here and say we’re all “equl” (intended), right?

Alright so we’re all equal; PERFECT… Well in this case let’s analyse the situation shall we:

  1. There’s an Earthquake in Haiti
  2. Roth$child ran media uses its unprecedented ascendancy to publicize the Haiti ‘quake with obvious exaggerations on the death-toll and number of causalities.
  3. They start beseeching us for money and aid asking even school-children to give up their money for these people.
  4. The same niggers who were promulgating Judeo-Black supremacy last week are begging quite rudely on the street for donations in the current week. And actually GETTING it!

The worst thing here folks isn’t that these people are black… I have no problem with such an insignificant fact and I’m only playing around when I pretend I do….

NO and again NO. The only reason I have a problem with our Zionistic Jewish-Supremacist government demanding such injustices is because it’s HYPOCRITICAL………..

US taxpayers give away $2,448,000,000 EVERY YEAR to the developed country of Israel (that’s 6.8 million EVERY DAY.)

It gets worse; Far more disconsolately worse; While those obese, greedy, parasitic rich fat-asses in Israeli government who do nothing but fuck around with every decent man woman and child on Earth every minute of every day get ALLLLLLLLL of this money… The PALESTINIANS, who live on barely enough to survive and in ironically concentration camp-esque conditions, get a humiliatingly low $300,000.

WHO THE FUCK IS IN CHARGE HERE!!!!!!!!!!???????????

If those GORILLAS want to get our fucking money then they should be leeching the 2.4 BILLION dollars we have to waste on Israel annually rather than DECENT people’s money through aid.

We could repair an entire nation full of desolately misfortunate people but INSTEAD, we waste this fucking shit on dirty ingrates.

My face is red with rage while writing this, my fingers are shaking and my eyebrows have formed something of a monobrow!

I hope you’re all as fucking angry as I am… Fuck me!

Posted by Sergei Yakovlev